Customer Testimonials

  1. I love that Insane Training Systems is a small, private training facility opposed to your common, big box gyms. Here I feel like my needs are fully addressed and are a high priority. In the first three months of my training I lost 25 pounds and went down three dress sizes."
  2. As a former D1 3x All-American Basketball player, I chose to send my high school children to Insane Training Systems. The results have been terrific and earned my sons full athletic scholarships to D1 universities.
    Parent of D1 Athlete
  3. There is no better place to train than Insane Training Systems. The results they get their clients are unmatched. I'm 41 years old and a mother of 4. Due to the training I've received here, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I look and feel amazing. I just ran my first full marathon and did much better than expected which I credit to the training I've been doing at Insane Training Systems.
  4. My husband and I train together at ITS. I had an ankle replacement last March and my husband had heart stents the same month. ITS set up a workout for us to get back to training. No waiting in line at a public gym and the personalized attention we needed. He trains everyone from us older folks to our high school aged children for sports.